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    About Us

    Welcome To our website!

    What is SecureYourStuff ?

    • Sharing knowledge and information about Personal Security.

    • We keep you up with new products and systems that will keep Your Home, Your Business…Your Stuff, more secure.

    • We alert you to how the “bad Guys” are trying to separate you from your property.

    Who is SecureYourStuff?

    • My name is Jim Newell, I’m the founder and CEO of SecureYourStuff a website site and online security products store. dedicated to informing the general public about the security products and systems that can help provide the security they need to keep the fruits of their labor.
    • I have been very involved in many facets of the physical security industry for the last 50 years.
    Jim Newell CEO SecureYourStuff

    Jim Newell

    • I worked as a locksmith and security technician for a variety of locksmith service businesses in a part-time capacity from 1964 to 1973 while in the U.S Navy.
    • In 1973 I founded Security Unlimited Locksmiths, a retail locksmith service business in Sepulveda, California. In 1979 I sold that business to my employees. That business is still operating today!
    • In 1979 I began a 30+ year career as a top-level Sales and Marketing Consultant calling on retail, industrial, and institutional locksmiths.
    • I was very involved with local locksmith associations in several states.
    • I taught several locksmith and security skills classes, as well as sales & marketing classes at conventions and industry trade shows.
    • The knowledge gained in this 50 plus year adventure has uniquely qualified me as an expert in physical security. I know the risks people face and how to protect themselves, their property and possessions from the bad guys.

    Read our posts and pages, check our product recommendations, and better protect Your home, Your business…Your stuff!