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DIY Security Perception

How does DIY “Security Perception” enhance your security plan? What is security perception? Think “Perception is Reality” in the eyes of a prospective burglar. According to the FBI most residential burglaries are committed by young juveniles who usually live near by, probably supporting a drug habit. They are looking for a place they can get […]

Lock Bumping – Is it all hype…Or a real security risk?

Lock bumping became a “buzz word” on the Internet and in the print and television news media very quickly. As of a few years ago no one other than professional locksmiths and a few advanced thieves knew anything about lock bumping. This “new lock by-pass technique” began to be written about on the Internet, video’s […]

The Security Ladder

The security ladder is an illustration of the levels of security that different types of residential security products can afford the user. We will use the rungs of the ladder, with rung 1 being the lowest level, and rung 5 being the highest level. We will make a few assumptions about the entry we are […]

Best Home Physical Security Tips

Best DIY Home Security Tips Moving into a new home or apartment? According to FBI statistics, the number one way a thief gains entry to a home is through an unlocked front door, the number 2 way is a forced entry, most commonly a kick-in attack. You should keep your doors locked, even when you […]

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