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Gun Safes – Are designed to keep your guns secure.

Gun Safes – Are designed to keep your guns secure. Gun safes are sold in many places, sporting goods stores, gun stores, hardware stores, big box stores of all kinds, and some even by safe dealers or professional locksmiths who sell safes. Do you really want to trust the expertise of the same guy who […]

UL® Rated Burglary Safes Provide Excellent Protection

UL® Rated Burglary Safes Provide Excellent Protection Using a correctly rated and labeled safe is imperative for the proper protection of your valuables, in some cases insurance could disallow a claim if the safe you were using was not properly rated or labeled. Burglary safes are designed for the protection of money and valuables. It […]

Fire Resistant Document Safes [Video]

Fire resistant document safes, also commonly known as fire safes, are designed and built to protect records, important papers, cash and other valuables from fire. Some are also rated for burglary protection.

Fire Resistant Document Safe


The manufacturing process for all fire resistant document safes, manufactured in the United States, is much the […]

Depository Safes = protection in high cash use environments. [Video]

Designed to combat theft by employees or robbery, depository safes ( also known as “skim or trim safes”) are not meant to be used for long-term storage of cash or valuables, they are generally not fire resistant, unless specified and properly UL® labeled as burglary or fire resistant. Depository safes are designed to provide immediate […]

DIY Home Security Assessment [With Checklist]

A home security assessment, by a qualified security professional is the ideal place to start on a plan to improving your home security. Our DIY Home Security Assessment checklist is another option. This DIY checklist is provided for those who would like to do their own assessment, just copy [ highlight the areas you want […]

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