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Jim Newell

Welcome to the SecureYourStuff website!

This site is dedicated to educating the reader about physical security. Helping you choose the correct products and systems to protect what is yours.

My name is Jim Newell. My journey into the physical security world began in 1966, I was in the U.S. Navy and took a part-time job in a locksmith shop in Hollywood California. I quickly learned the basics and decided this would be my career choice, the only problem was that I was still obligated to the U. S. Navy for 8 more years. During those years I worked part-time for several locksmith shops, wherever I was stationed.

After my honorable discharge in 1973, my wife and I moved from the midwest to southern California. In February 1974 I founded Security Unlimited Locksmith, which I operated until 1979 when I sold it to my employees, that business is still operating in North Hills, California.

From 1979 to my retirement in 2010, I worked as a sales and marketing consultant for the 2 largest security product distributors in the United States. I called on retail locksmiths , as well as locksmiths in school systems, universities, hospitals, state and federal prisons, and other industrial settings. Our product offerings included locks of all types, CCTV camera systems, remote security control systems, motion detectors, alarm products, biometric devices, safes, and locksmith tools.

I was a member of national and local locksmith associations, I authored, taught and co-ordinated classes and seminars for associations, customers and the general public.

The knowledge I gained during this almost 50 year journey, allows me to act as your expert guide to the solutions and products that will solve your security issues.

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