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Best Home Physical Security Tips

Best DIY Home Security Tips

Moving into a new home or apartment? According to FBI statistics, the number one way a thief gains entry to a home is through an unlocked front door, the number 2 way is a forced entry, most commonly a kick-in attack.

You should keep your doors locked, even when you are home, the typical home burglary can be completed in as little as 20 seconds, and you may never know they were there!

  1. Have all exterior doors and door frames inspected for structural integrity.

    • If you have an attached garage, the door going from the garage into the house should be considered to be an exterior door. If you store tools in your garage, they should be under lock and key, if a thief gets into your garage they could use your tools to attack your door and be out of view.

  2. Have all locks inspected for proper function and security.

  3. Have all locks rekeyed to new keys

    • This step is often overlooked, but is the only way you can be sure you know who has keys to your new home. Any one or all of the following folks could have a key, ex owner or tenant, neighbor, realtor, contractor, sub-contractor.

All of these steps are done by your Professional Locksmith

Learn how to Harden and Reinforce entry doors at this article

Garage door

You should keep your garage door closed, even when you are home.

  1. A person walking by, could dart into your garage, and walk off with almost any yard tool, even your brand new mower, in less than 20 seconds!

  2. A newer method for gaining entry to garages with door openers is rapidly gaining popularity and will open most garage doors in seconds!

See the Video below for how to guard against this, and other common attacks.


 Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Windows and sliding glass doors, present 3 main problems

  1. They are subject to glass breakage. Fortunately most burglars don’t like to make noise, however breaking a window only makes noise for a short time. Applying a clear security film to vulnerable windows can make them almost unbreakable, and it makes for a lot more noise. Watch the video below for a good demo of window security film.

  2. The lock used on windows and sliding glass doors are often of lower quality and do not offer adequate security. Your best solution may be to have a security professional survey your property.  

    Top Home Security Tips. Dowel in Sliding Door Track

    Dowel in Sliding Door Track

    A minimal inexpensive fix for a sliding door would be to place a heavy dowel in the inside track, this will prevent the door from sliding open.





3. The prospective burglar can see in, this can allow them to ascertain if someone is home as well as see where your valuables may be located.



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