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Security Alarm Systems – Insurance Against Burglary, Home Invasion and Fire!

Alarm systems for home and business use have been available for many years, and they just keep getting better!

Yes we know that there have been some really suspect systems offered, systems that did not work as expected or as advertised. The good news is that recent advances in alarm technology, new alarm controls, components, power systems etc. have made extremely reliable systems affordable and available for anyone.

There is an old adage that has floated around the security industry for many years, it goes something like this, “Good locks will keep bad guys out, an alarm system only let’s you know that they got in.” There is some truth to that statement, however our position is that correctly designed security systems will include the correct locking hardware to protect against entry, coupled with an alarm system that will warn the property owner that the bad guys are there.

When you shop for an alarm system today, you have many choices; how it will operate, who will design and install your system, will it be wireless, will it be monitored?

Do you want a professionally installed system? This would be our recommendation. Professional alarm dealers make their living being sure that their systems work as they are supposed to, they continually upgrade their skills and products through education and exposure to new products and techniques that seem to arrive daily. They are the experts.

Do you want a “do-it-yourself” system? If you are adept at running wire and hooking up components, have a good understanding of how those components work, and have access to good professional advice, this may be a way to save money.

Do You need your system to be monitored? We would recommend that, if you can afford it monitoring is the only way to go, it covers you when you are not home and really is cheap insurance. Speaking of insurance…a correctly installed and monitored home alarm system, may get you a discount on your home owners insurance. Both monitoring and insurance discounts may be issues with a DIY system.

Do you want a hardwired or wireless system? There have, in the past been a lot of issues with wireless equipment that did not work as billed, with new technologies and systems these issues have been put to rest, current wireless components are every-bit as reliable as their wired cousins. Hybrid systems, that are partly wired and partly wireless, offer solutions for hard to get to areas and special needs. If your home is an older existing structure, wireless may be the preferred way to go.
And finally a couple of of other considerations and recommendations.

Do consider installing fire alarm capability at the same time, the cost would be a lot lower than a stand alone install, and could earn deeper insurance discounts, as well as save your life.

Be wary of some of the nationally advertised $99.00 specials, some use inferior equipment, some cannot be expanded, there may be contract issues.

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