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Security Awareness IQ

What is your Security Awareness IQ? Your awareness of the need for security could be more important than all of the locks and security systems you employ! Your awareness of the need for security, is the best place to begin a discussion on physical property security. What is security awareness? Our definition is multi-faceted, and […]

Home Security Alarm Systems – Information You Need

Home Security Alarm Systems – Offer Insurance Against Burglary, Home Invasion and Fire! Alarm systems for home and business use have been available for many years, and they just keep getting better! Yes we know that in the not too distant past there have been some really suspect systems offered, systems that did not work […]

High Security Key Control Systems

High security key control systems are designed to be sure you know who has keys to your property. If your key control system is not adequate – What are the security risks?

Key Control Enhances Security

Easily Duplicated

The lack of adequate key control is a hidden risk, and one of the biggest […]

UL® Rated Burglary Safes Provide Excellent Protection

UL® Rated Burglary Safes Provide Excellent Protection Using a correctly rated and labeled safe is imperative for the proper protection of your valuables, in some cases insurance could disallow a claim if the safe you were using was not properly rated or labeled. Burglary safes are designed for the protection of money and valuables. It […]

Fire Resistant Document Safes [Video]

Fire resistant document safes, also commonly known as fire safes, are designed and built to protect records, important papers, cash and other valuables from fire. Some are also rated for burglary protection.

Fire Resistant Document Safe


The manufacturing process for all fire resistant document safes, manufactured in the United States, is much the […]

DIY Home Security Assessment [With Checklist]

A home security assessment, by a qualified security professional is the ideal place to start on a plan to improving your home security. Our DIY Home Security Assessment checklist is another option. This DIY checklist is provided for those who would like to do their own assessment, just copy [ highlight the areas you want […]

DIY Security Perception

How does DIY “Security Perception” enhance your security plan? What is security perception? Think “Perception is Reality” in the eyes of a prospective burglar. According to the FBI most residential burglaries are committed by young juveniles who usually live near by, probably supporting a drug habit. They are looking for a place they can get […]

Lock Bumping – Is it all hype…Or a real security risk?

Lock bumping became a “buzz word” on the Internet and in the print and television news media very quickly. As of a few years ago no one other than professional locksmiths and a few advanced thieves knew anything about lock bumping. This “new lock by-pass technique” began to be written about on the Internet, video’s […]

Best Home Physical Security Tips

Best DIY Home Security Tips Moving into a new home or apartment? According to FBI statistics, the number one way a thief gains entry to a home is through an unlocked front door, the number 2 way is a forced entry, most commonly a kick-in attack. You should keep your doors locked, even when you […]

Reinforcing Door and Door Frame Security

Reinforcing door and door frame security is a need because standard home construction methods, may not always protect entryways from forced entry adequately. According to recent FBI statistics a home burglary occurs every 18 seconds. The most common method of entry is through an unlocked door. Next is forced entry usually via a simple kick-in […]

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