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Depository Safes = protection in high cash use environments. [Video]

Designed to combat theft by employees or robbery, depository safes ( also known as “skim or trim safes”) are not meant to be used for long-term storage of cash or valuables, they are generally not fire resistant, unless specified and properly UL® labeled as burglary or fire resistant.

Depository safes are designed to provide immediate and secure storage for cash, jewelry and miscellaneous valuables. When the door is locked, deposits can be made via a top loading rotary hopper or a front loading deposit door. Sometimes referred to as “trim safes” they are designed to reduce the risk of robbery by limiting the amount of money in the cash register, providing protection from hold-up or burglary.

Depository Safe

Depository Safe

Depository safes are recommended for any operation that requires a non-returnable deposit such as armored car companies, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. These safes are not meant for unprotected overnight storage of cash or valuables. They are not rated as burglary or fire resistant, unless specified and labeled for that protection by UL®.

Depository safes can be custom-made in almost any configuration, drop slots or hoppers can be positioned on top in the front or back, through a wall, etc. They can be configured so compartments can be accessed by only specifically authorized users. They can be equipped with mechanical or electronic combination locks, key operated locks, or locks that require dual operation.

Many insurance companies may require the use of a properly UL® rated depository safe before issuing a policy.

Check the video below for what to look for in a depository safe.

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