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DIY Security Perception

How does DIY “Security Perception”  enhance your security plan? 

    • What is security perception? Think “Perception is Reality” in the eyes of a prospective burglar. According to the FBI most residential burglaries are committed by young juveniles who usually live near by, probably supporting a drug habit. They are looking for a place they can get in and out of in a hurry, with a minimum of noise and a limited possibility of being detected.

    • A security yard sign for a security system or CCTV system, if you actually have a system or not, screams try an easier target. The yard sign, by itself will make most prospective thieves think “do they really have an alarm or camera system”, if you also have a realistic looking faux CCTV camera hung high on a wall, they will move on.

      ADT Security Yard Sign, enhaces security perception.

      ADT Security Yard Sign

      Generic CCTV yard sign, enhances security perception

      Generic CCTV yard sign

    • Security Lighting. or even landscape lighting, can also tell them to move onThe photo below shows a good mixture of security lighting and landscape lighting, notice that the security lights are mounted high on the walls, making them hard to interfere with. Many lighting fixtures include solar charging systems and/or movement detection to turn them on when something approaches.

      Security Lighting - Security Perception - DIY Security

      Security Lighting

    •  Faux CCTV cameras have become very popular as a “perceived security” item. They are inexpensive and if mounted out of reach they are very hard to tell if they are real or not. Most prospective home burglars will not investigate enough to find out.

      Faux CCTV Camera - security perception

      Faux CCTV Camera

    • A “barking dog alarm” is another inexpensive item that will scare the amateur burglar away.

What do all of these items have in common, they are low-cost, high impact, and can usually be done by the “Do-It-Yourselfer”. If you are just beginning to enhance your home security, all of these items would be a good starting point or even add value to your existing security plan.

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