Burglary Safes

Burglary Safes – are designed to protect cash and other high value items from theft.
Using a correctly rated and labeled burglary safe is imperative for the proper protection of your valuables, in some cases insurance could disallow a claim if the safe you were using was not properly rated or labeled.

Burglary safes are designed for the protection of money and valuables. It is important that you use a safe that is designed, tested and rated for this purpose. They range in size and shape, from small in floor boxes up the bank vault doors.

The degree of protection afforded, has as wide a range. Construction materials range from steel plate to composite materials.

Many burglary safes were and still are constructed with “enhanced” protection features including: tear gas (rarely used in modern safes), drill resistant hard plate (various styles and designs commonly used), relock bolts which fire when the safe is attacked.

Burglary safe ratings are usually expressed by a letter, “B”, “C”, “E”, or “TL15", “TL30", “TL60'. “TLTR60", “TLTRTX60X6".