Diversion Safes

Not really “safes” in the standard sense, these containers come in all shapes and sizes. It has been estimated that the most common home break-in criminal, spends an average of 8 minutes in your home looking for the most valuable items to steal. They know to look in bedrooms, closets, dens, drawers etc., maybe they will take computers, televisions, cameras, they most commonly will choose smaller items that they can easily carry right out your front door such as jewelry, watches and cash. They will usually ignore the panty or cleaning closet.

This where the Diversion safe comes in, Diversion safes are home security products that are designed to look like every day, ordinary household items. These safes appear to be items that are commonly found in any home most commonly canned items, but could also be a book, a clock, even an electrical outlet, but they are actually hollowed out containers that you can hide valuables in to disguise them from thieves.

If you see a can of soup among the soup cans in the pantry, would you expect it to be a hiding place, not likely? Others could be a can of soda or beer in placed the refrigerator, a can of motor oil in the garage, any number of cleaning products in the cleaning closet, and many more. Many law enforcement agencies strongly endorse diversion safes as an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect your property.

These products also make great gifts!