Door Reinforcement Products

The weakest point of the typical residential entry door is the door jamb. The area where the lock bolt enters the jamb (the strike area) is usually a ½ to 1 inch thick piece of pine, with a small empty space behind it, then 2 structural 2x4’s behind that. The typically supplied strike plate is installed with ½ screws; a swift kick by an average sized person will usually break the strike area.

The products presented on this page will all add more stability to the strike area. The armored strike plates have 3 to 4 inch screws that will reach the structural 2X4’s.

The longer 24 to 72 inch jamb strengthening kits will add a lot of stability to the entire jamb. Some also include pieces that will strengthen the hinge side of the door. These items are all easy for do-it-yourselfers.

The wrap-a-round plates that install under the lockset will add a lot of stability to the lock area