UL 437 Listed Deadbolt Locks

Most deadbolt locks are specified by ANSI Grade. For example grade 3, light residential, grade 2, residential, or grade 1, heavy residential commercial.

For grade 1 locks there is also a commonly used UL rating for security, locks that meet the specifications of the UL437 rating, must demonstrate a higher degree of pick resistance, resistance to physical attacks, they may offer increased key control requirements.

Locks that carry the ul437 rating are heavier, built with higher grade materials, have security features to deter drilling, picking, lock bumping, and forced removal.

They have requirements that allow only authorized users to obtain duplicate keys.

They do cost more, the calculation you should make, is what would it cost to replace items stolen, if you experience a break-in. Many professional locksmiths will recommend ul437 locks for residential use.