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How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock for your Home

A correctly chosen deadbolt lock, offers much more security than the standard entry knob lock. What is the real job that the locks on your doors are expected to perform? There is an old saying in the security industry that “locks only keep honest people honest”, lets face reality, if someone really wants into your […]

Beware; this Locksmith Service scam is running wild!

A locksmith service scam has been running wild in major cities in the USA for a number of years, and is now spreading to other areas. Authorities in many states are aware of the problem, however they have not had a lot of luck stamping this out. There seem to be a few dispatch firms […]

Keys to The Castle, Do You know everyone who has them?

Keys to The Castle Who has keys to your castle? Home Security 101! The key to your home is the first line of defense for home security, if you did not have your lock changed by a reputable professional locksmith, or physically install new locking hardware yourself, you do not know who else may have […]

How To Choose Your Professional Locksmith or Security Technician

Professional Locksmith

How To Choose Your Professional Locksmith or Security Technician There are thousands of businesses in the USA who present themselves as experts in various security protocols, this article will guide you as a consumer in how to determine who really is qualified. When choosing a professional locksmith, or other security technician, you […]

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