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Should you use a Locking Mailbox ?

Locking Mailbox

Locking Mailbox

A Locking Mailbox, might save you from identity theft.

A major, almost always, overlooked security risk is your mailbox.

We as a society have universally trusted that metal box at the end of the driveway or attached to the front of our house to securely guard our correspondence for as long as we have had a postal service.

Mail theft has been a crime of opportunity for just as long. Consider what is delivered to your mailbox on a daily basis. Ads from banks or retailers to get their credit or charges cards, some with your identity information already inserted. Medical information, insurance policies, letters from your lawyer. Social security checks.

When you think of the items we receive in the mail that could help someone steal our identity, some that are unsolicited. It is almost insane that we do not have locking mailboxes. Yet most people do not.

Thieves will routinely scout mailboxes for anything that looks like a check, or credit card offers.

One solution is a locking mailbox they are available from some hardware stores, some locksmith shops or online. Also check the big box home centers, Check the SecureYourStuff Store on this site.

Read any reviews you can find. All locking mailboxes are not created equal, many can be defeated with common hand tools, others are very well made and will withstand common attacks.You should be sure that the slot is big enough to accept the mail you usually receive. If you routinely get a lot of mail, a larger box would be called for.

Most are advertised to meet US Postal Inspector guidelines, it might be a could idea to check and be sure.

You could receive all of your mail at a Post Office mail box. Or check if your city has a business that rents mailboxes., Of course you will have the added responsibility of picking up your mail.

Either solution will offer much more security than you have now.

Mail boxes must comply with USPS mail box specs, most that are sold have a sticker attached that states that they meet these specs. If you are cunstructing your own, supply your Postal Inspector with the plans for approval.

USPS Mailbox Specs

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